Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's June!! Summertime!! Woo hoo!

The weather is nice and I don't have to wear sweaters. I'm really not much on clothes, anyway. I figure if God wanted puppies to wear clothes he wouldn't have put so much fur on us. Right?

We got to work and got some stuff done. People came in which is always nice. We had a retired couple (I was going to say "older" but Mom glared at me and said "Older than WHOM??", so I changed that to retired, but I digress)....a RETIRED couple who found that they had some money coming and needed Mom to notarize their claims. While they were there, Mom found three more sources of money for them so they'll be doing three more claims.

I don't do much when it comes to notarizing, so I fell asleep. Pretty soon our clients ears perked up and they said "What IS that?", referring to my somewhat unladylike snoring. When told it came from me, they assumed I was a boy and asked if "he always does that"? Um..."Her name is Mary-Margaret and Yes, she is quite the little sleeper!", my mom said.

When I sleep, I put 100% of my skills to work and I make the best out of my nap that I can. I just LOVE napping. I'm very good at it.

Oh...if any of you guys want to see if you have any money, here's what you do. You "google" "unclaimed funds" and the name of the State you're looking in. Then you go to the comptroller's link (it'll direct you) and search for your name. If you have a name like "Van Wyck" try it with the space and without "VanWyck" because it might be either way. It's fun and sort of like finding money in parking lots, which I do all the time.

Happy First of June!



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