Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday and MaryElizabeth

Yesterday, on Sunday, we got a call from my VERY good friend, MaryElizabeth Dugmore, who is also my Editor at The Yorkie Times. She was at her parents' house in Hemet, and so we dropped everything and raced right over. We had the best time visiting with MaryElizabeth, her mom Connie, dad Bill, grandsons Danny and Adam. They are the nicest people and time just flew by we had so much fun.

Connie is the youngest 96 year old I have ever met. She is incredibly talented and makes porcelain figuerines, some are totally indistinguishable from Lladro (pronounced Yaa-drow), some from Hummel, but mostly they are her own creations with layers and layers of porcelain lace and teensy little hand applied roses. She paints tea sets and lamps and pictures and!

I didn't see much of Bill as he was totally engrossed in a golf game, but I knew he was there because he let out several whoops when something interesting happened. Bill was also instrumental in the distribution of Ollalaberry pie to everyone but me.

Danny just gets handsomer every time I see him. This is the first time in person, and let me tell you....he is in this world to make a difference. He's getting ready to go to college - the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terra Haute, Indiana, where he's majoring in both Physics AND Engineering. I expect to hear great things about him in the future. This is a picture of Danny and his girlfriend at Prom. (If I were human and he didn't have a girlfriend already, and I wasn't promised to Hashi already...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I tell YOUUUU!!)

Adam is amazing. He's very alert and quite verbal, causing Mom to ask him just how old he was. He's 10, but he's maybe 21 inside. The exchanges between Adam and the others made us all forget that he was a kid....until he brought out his thing-a-ma-bob (PS3? Nintendo?) Super Hi tech and looked totally fun. I was wondering how come Yorkie's don't have thumbs? I could have fun with a gadget like that.

And MaryElizabeth! I fell in love with her right away and gave her hugs and kisses. Mom kept teasing me saying "You want to go home with MaryElizabeth?", but I am very loyal to my family. I was very nice and loving to MaryElizabeth but I think I made it perfectly clear that when Mom left, I'd leave too. I can't think of a better person than MaryElizabeth to run the YTNR (Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue) . Nope. Also, she knew when I was thirsty and she brought me a loverly crystal bowl of water and set it on the floor. While I appreciated that gesture of kindness, I really preferred drinking from MaryElizabeth's personal glass. I just wanted to be like everyone else, you know. And I thank her for being so perceptive and so nice to share with me, too.

You can probably tell I was perfectly happy to stay with MaryElizabeth and her family (if Mom had stayed, too). How come is it that just about the time you are so comfy and happy and could stay someplace forever that it's time to go home?

Oh, such is life! (sigh)


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Mary-Margaret!
Sure you had a pawesome time with them!
I am sure you will see them again!
Kisses and hugs