Thursday, June 10, 2010


I had my appointment with Dr. "V" this morning. Her real name is Melanie Verreault. I even said "Hi" to her from my good friend Tracy who used to work with Dr. V at the Hill's pet clinic before they sold it.

I got weighed (9.9 pounds - I have to cut back on the kibble); I got my temp taken (101.3 - normal). Dr. V checked out my leg and said it's not hurting me. I could have told her that but she wanted to wiggle my foot and leg anyway.

Then, she wanted to see me run and walk. Mom and Dr. V played "Toss the Puppy" for a while. It was kind of fun. Dr. V would say "Go see Mommy!" and I skedaddle on over to Mom. Then Mom would slide me like a hockey puck across the shiny linoleum floor back to Dr. V. We did this a few times so that Dr. V could see how my knee was working.

After all this I got a prescription for Metacam. I'm supposed to put some on my supper along with my Cosequin for Cats (hmmmph?). Metacam is supposed to make my leg feel better and the Cosequin is for my joints. Pretty soon I'll be taking as many meds as Mom and Grandpa. (kidding....I sure HOPE I don't!)

I am very healthy and I made a lot of new friends. Two guys really hit on me. "Bruno", a brindle coated pit bull, and "Punkin", a brindle coated ...uh....well, your guess is as good as mine on that one. Bruno was really huge and Punkin was maybe about 25-30 pounds. I felt very safe in my little carseat on wheels that we use for a stroller.

Speaking of my stroller....Dr. V was SOOOO funny. She suggested to Mom that I get lots of help getting on and off furniture for a while, and then she laughed. She said she never thought she'd tell this to anypuppy, but when Mom takes me for walks she should put ME in the stroller instead of on a leash. That made me laugh, too. For one thing, I don't go on walks very often. I jog or race around the back yard checking for intruders instead. And my Mom doesn't walk much herself anyway, although she's always saying she should.

We'll call Dr. V back in about 10 days and tell her how my knee is doing. Then I get my teeth cleaned, and if my knee is still out of whack I'll get a couple of x-rays, too.

Me and Mom both got hugged by Dr. V when we said good-bye. We hugged her back, too.

There's the report, Grandpa. Now you have to promise you'll call your doctor, too, so you can get some stuff to make YOU feel better. OK?

Love and kisses....

Mary-Margaret "Your Nagging Granddoggy" O'Brien

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elaine said...

We are so glad you went to see Dr. V. We don't think you should see Dr. Gucci Shoes any more for any reason.
auntie elaine, abbey mia, harper and piper