Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me and my friend, Lizzie!

As we were driving to work this morning, I saw my VERY good friend, Lizzie, and her mom taking a walk. "LIZZIE..LIZZIE", I said, and practically wagged my little tail off. Mom looks at me and says "Lizzie?", and I wagged even harder. She pulled over on the WRONG side of the street, just so I could say "Hello!".

Me and Lizzie go way back. We met at Miss Marilyn's (our stylist) place, along with Lizzie's brother, D'Arcy. Seems we know a lot of the same pups, too. I introduced Lizzie to my mom, and Lizzie's mom to my mom, and we all started chatting. Maybe 15-20 minutes later Mom says "Oh gosh...Mary-Margaret is late to work!", somehow making her dawdling all MY fault, but what else is new.

We wrapped it up and said our good-byes. I go to Miss Marilyn's for my quad-weekly haircut (every four weeks - "quad-weekly" - did I say that right?). I'll have to say hello to the gang from Lizzie. I know for sure that Madison will be there. She's my very best friend forever.

Gotta go...suppertime.

Love ya...


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Amalia said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Your friend Lizzie is cuuute!

I'm at my Nana's house having fun with my "Uncle" Danny G.
My parents just fot back from dinner and the house was still standing ;-)
Tomorrow I'm going downtown Chicago with my family to my favorite restaurant by the Lake called: The Oak Street Beachstro.

I have a girlfriend now named Tuffy. She lives couple of houses down from me and we play in my backyard a lot when she comes over.

Got to run,
Neeko <3