Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day thoughts

Thinking of my Grandma today and remembering her with love. It doesn't seem like she left us over 2 1/2 years ago. Mom still talks to her and so do I.

We're both just awful today. Have all kinds of plans on things to do but get all worn out just thinking about them. In our minds, we've washed windows, dusted and vacuumed. In reality we did a load of laundry and spent a lot of time on uploading video to my YouTube site. Today we uploaded six videos of that Deepwater Horizon "oil spill". I think it's more like Mother Earth got "knifed" and is bleeding to death, but what do I know?

On the positive side, despite the news media, there have been a lot worse disasters. For example, back on June 3 1979, the Ixtoc I (a 2-mile deep exploratory well) blew out and it wasn't stopped until March 1980. It lost 140 million gallons by the time it was plugged. And back in 1991 in Kuwait the war caused 520 millions to spill. There's a map here that shows how many spills were reported per year back to 1967 (1 spill). In 1994 there were 101 spills; in 1998 there were 117. Check it out, Grandpa. Click on the pink link.

So much for today. We pretended we were on a picnic and had hotdogs for lunch. I know I'm not supposed to eat those things but...oh, Dog! They are mmmm-mmm-GOOD!!

Hope your Memorial Day was a relaxing time for reflection and for visiting silently with your departed loved ones.

Everly yours...


PS - Yes, I had my hair done on Friday and I'm wearing a patriotic red, white and blue bow. I haven't even tried to take it out yet. I'm waiting until June (which is tomorrow).

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