Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What happened today!

First off, woke up and went out to do my usual thing
Second, napped
Third, went to bank and visited with the tellers. They all know my name now.
Fourth, went to work and told Jennifer it was time for me to go out again. She said "In a minute" (she's starting to sound like Mom), and then Debi came in. You know, Star's mom? Anyway, I started bugging her and she made the mistake of opening the door to the office. Whoooooooooooooooooooosh! Out I go, lickety-split. comes Fidel, through the double doors. This is fun. We all walk into the office together. I like palling around with my co-workers.

Debi ended up taking me out. She's cool. She doesn't hurry me. So then she leaves, and Fidel starts talking to Mom. He has the NERVE to tell her I need a bath. Well, for YOUR information MISTER, I just had one on Saturday. He says I smell like a dog. Er....and that's bad because .....??? Besides, I really don't. Every body stuck up for me so he started talking about something else. He's Jami's grandfather and I'll bet he doesn't talk like that to Jami.

Then I had another nap. Lots of work came in so Mom, Sonia and Jennifer were pretty busy. Mary-Ann "from-down-the-hall" came to see me and said I looked depressed. Not really, I tried to tell her. I was just tired from all this excitement. I came out into the outer office and tried to make up to her.

We didn't leave until 6:30. I was getting pretty mad at Mom and even stood up and started scratching at her inner thighs which I know really hurts. She says stuff like "Cut it out, Mary-Margaret", but once I get her attention I know we'll be going home really quick.

That's it. That's all for today. Can't wait for my vacation.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Girl Girl Hamster said...

You're going for vacation Mary-Margaret?? Have fun. :)

~ girl girl