Monday, June 25, 2007

Playing "Chicken"!

The Yorkie Mom's group decided to say a word and get our reaction on camera. One lady used the word "eat" and got a variety of responsese from her brood of three. Mom tried "eat" on me and I just walked away. Like.....get a life, you know?

Then she hit me with "Chicken" and "Supper". After saying my everly most favorite words in the whole world (aside from "Cat"), and NOT giving me anything yummy, I figured out this was a little game. How RUDE, I decided. I think my look pretty much says it all, but if I can get the address for the local AFL (Animal Fairness League), our Union, I may just dash off a grievance letter.

And....thinking about it now...I might also mention how I've been working for NO wages since I was nine weeks old. Benefits...sure. I get those. Room, board, medical, social activities. But my savings account is non-existent. And what about retirement? Hmmmmmmmmmm?

Happy Monday!

Mary-Margaret "Norma Rae" O'Brien

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