Thursday, June 14, 2007

Neighborhood Watch

I am an important part of the local Neighborhood Watch Committee. My shift is usually just after dinner for an hour or so. I take my post by the window and immediately report any strange sightings. Today there was a giant 18-wheeler going up our street pulling a huge trailer behind it. Mom says that rigs like that sometimes carry rocket ships. Not that I'd know what a "rocket ship" is being a modern dog and all. "Space Shuttle" maybe, but "rocket ship"? Mom says I'm too young to remember "Space Patrol" with Captain Buzz Corbett and his sidekick, Happy!

Hmmnnph...well, moving along here.

If something really weird goes by, or someone I don't know comes sniffing on MY lawn, I turn on the alarm and let everyone within earshot know about it. There's a Shih Tzu who lives a couple of doors down the street that visits sometimes. He really seems to like MY front lawn even over his own. The last time he was here we were just driving into our driveway. His mom suddenly scurried him home, and my mom almost stepped in the reason why. She was pretty incensed and it took a lot of puppy licks to keep her from delivering a handful of baggies to the impolite lady accompanying that dog. I just told Mom to take a deep breath and count to ten, and NEXT time we'd both go deliver the baggies. Besides, I wanted to speak to him about his diet. It looked and smelled to MEEEE like he was getting the cheap store bought kibble. Very loose consistency and unhealthy color. Tsk. Poor guy.

Are you part of YOUR Neighborhood Watch Committee? Keep America and your front lawn safe!!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain
Yorkie Brigade


Sparky said...

Oh yes, I guard our house quite seriously too! You should see the mailman. He's terrified of me. Wouldn't deliver our mail for the whole summer once!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Mary-Margaret, I'm sure your neighbourhood is much safer with you watching over it. :)

~ girl girl

Oscar Airedale said...

I am not a very giood guard dog, I just want to befriend everyone!

Oscar x