Monday, June 18, 2007

The Grey Kitty Visits

Grey Kitty hasn't been around for a bit. The only one I've seen lately is that "Paint Pot" kitty. So you can imagine my surprise when I glanced out the window and saw Grey Kitty standing right outside looking in. "HEYYY!! THIS IS MY PATIO and you weren't invited", I said. He didn't even blink. Have you ever noticed how cats just plain don't care if they're trespassing, and ignore you when you ask them nicely to leave?

So I "grrrrr'd" even louder, with more "oomph" (if you will) and it still ignored me. "All right", I said to myself. "This WILL stop". So I hopped off the back of Mom's chair, landed square in the middle of her stomach (which gave me additional lift off) and bounced, up and over the chair arm, and onto the floor. Mom said "Ooof!", and while she was catching her breath, I went over to the slider window and gave that cat a piece of my mind.

OK....maybe I was a bit out of sorts, but good gosh! You don't just disappear from someone's life and "poof", show up again weeks later without so much as a post card.
And I admit I got pretty excited, and I sort of hyperventilated to the point that I got picked up and told, quite firmly, "ENOUGH, Mary-Margaret".

As I was being carried upstairs, still rather agitated, I looked over and Grey Kitty was staring at me through the window. Nothing ever seems to bother these cats. Still....I like to think they missed me. And I'm actually glad they're back, but don't tell them. I kind of like the games we play.

I have to go to bed now. I'll look for them again tomorrow. Maybe we can play tag again.

Love, Mary-Margaret


Girl Girl Hamster said...

I bet the kitty missed you that's why it came back to visit. But it should have been more polite and informed you that it was coming first

~ girl girl

Anonymous said...

Yes, I understand completely about cats trespassing and dropping by unannounced! How very know what else? Squirrels are the SAME way! I think they must attend the same etiquette school or something.

You mustn't show them you are happy to see them though, it will only provoke them into more rudeness.


Anonymous said...

Between us, (which gave me additional lift off) is really funny. I laughed really hard- - - needed a good laugh. Thank you. Hope it's not as hot down there as it is here. Wasn't it neat taking MM with you to a resturant ???? Hugs, S