Saturday, June 16, 2007

Over the river and through the woods... Grampapa's house we gooooo!! And Grandma. And it sure took a long long time to get there. Mom told me it used to take maybe one and a half hours, but now that all those people moved to Temecula and places nearby, it takes THREE hours to go 95 miles. Doesn't bother me much. I sleep if I get bored. Mostly I say "Hello!" to the other drivers.

I felt pretty special today. I got to go in my very first lah-ti-dah sit down restaurant. Oh, sure, the manager came by and said something like "Does THAT belong to you"? to my mom. But she's quick. She said "Yes...and she's A.D.A." and he said "Oh, OK. Enjoy your lunch". So she did and I was VERY good and everybody said so. I got a couple of garlic croutons to nibble on but I really wasn't hungry. I just wanted to feel like I was part of the party.

My older human sister, Melissa, was there and she's everly so nice. She's in town to go to a wedding so she was able to drop by and join us. We ate at the Enterprise Fish Company in Santa Monica. I highly recommend it. Especially that waiter, Donnie. He's also an actor and a scriptwriter and Mom thinks he's going to do very well. Personally, I think she liked being called "Miss" instead of "Ma'am".

Melissa left to go back to her Uncle Tip's house, and the rest of us went back to Grandma and Grampapa's place. Douglas, the concierge, came out to meet me (I thought) but then he did the "We dont allow dogs in here" thing again. Mom says "She's ADA" and I thought he was going to choke. But he went in and got her a parking pass so they wouldn't tow our car away. I could see him peeking at me out of the corner of his eye. He's not particularly friendly. Then went upstairs for some refreshment. Me and Mom both gave Grampapa cards, and a box of assorted chocolates. He seemed to enjoy them so far.

There's a pretty nifty pillow on top of a.....a....maybe it's a footstool? I thought it everly so comfortable and I even fell asleep for a bit while Mom was showing Grandma some stuff on the computer. When it was 5:00 o'clock I told Mom. You I usually do. So Grandma and Grampapa finally believe that I can tell time, I think. WELL, YES I DO!! AND without a watch, even.

(Here's me waiting by the door to go home!)

So we left to go home and got home maybe 8:00 o'clock? THREE HOURS. Can't understand why people call them "Freeways". Maybe that's another human joke? UN-believable!! I had a late dinner and then we went upstairs. Mom didn't feel like dinner so she ate the rest of her carrot cake from lunch with a glass of milk. Then we blogged, and now we're going to bed.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. I will think really hard about my birth father in Missouri and hope that, wherever he is, he'll feel the love.

From my heart...


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Sharon said...

Mary Margaret, My grand dad is from Missouri (the human one). It sure is a fun place to be. Awefully pretty in the Ozarks.
Snickers and Sharon