Friday, June 29, 2007


Gianna came to visit me. She's Mr Bender's paralegal Melissa's daughter and she's three. I was really having a good time with her. I sat, laid down, stayed....all for Gianna. OK...for Gianna AND a Cheese/Egg Charlie Bear. I'd forgotten that Mom stowed them away for me. Gianna can come back any time she wants. She's fun.
Here's my Aunt Rose's Uncle Joe and Aunt Susie. They used to work for Mom but then they retired to Colorado. They said that working for Mom wasn't like working at all. It was more like having fun. I was a bit shy at first but they're pretty easy to warm up to. Did you know that they babysat my Aunt Rose when Mom would go out of town? I can see why Aunt Rose was so in love with them.
This is a pretty good group shot, I think. The only downside to their visit was this. Being hornswoggled. I should have known something was up when right in the middle of my visit with them Mom asked Jennifer to take me out. Then she asked Joe and Susie where their car was parked (in the back, they said), and THEN she told Jennifer to take me around the corner. So big surprise when I got back and Mom was gone. (sigh)

Oh, it was ok. I had a really good time with Jennifer and Mom's starting to go out more on her own. Maybe it's time I started to let her out once in a while so she can gain more confidence to be without me for a short period of time. Yup. She needs a little shove out of our nest, I think. She's way too attached to me. Really, she is. I....I......(sniffle)....(sob)......will be brave! For her sake.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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