Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Paint Pot Kitty

When we were backing out of the garage, I saw it. It was ambling across the street in my direction. I made such a fuss. Mom started looking all over. "Where?, Mary-Margaret!" "What IS it?", she'd say.

I kept up my vigilence in the hopes that she'd finally see what upset me so much. Well, what do you know? Hallelujah! At last she looks over and there is MY cat. The one that's sort of white and looks like it's been dipped in brown and black paint pots? Yup. There is is. In MY side yard. Just staring at something in the bush. In MY bush.

The thing that bothers me so much is that it just ignores me. That is one thing that really REALLY makes me mad: Being ignored by a CAT! I feel so impotent. Mom parked in the middle of the street and got out her camera. Oh, HELLLO? I said. It works better if you have the Compactflash Card in your camera, you silly woman. She said "Huh? Darn...left the flash card in the computer". So she gets out the cell phone, plugs it in to the 12-volt on the dash and the CAT STILL DOESN'T EVEN LOOK AT ME.

I am barking until I'm red in the face. Mom finally gets her act together and see? SEE? What did I tell you? The CAT...the one who makes me still ignoring me. Now you can see that I'm telling you the truth. See why I like squirrels better? At least THEY pay attention to me.

The rest of the day got a bit better. Mrs. Lillard and her daughter, Jennifer, dropped by. I think I'm going to like Jennifer. I just hope she likes working with me and my mom. We'll find out on Friday, I think.




Sparky said...

My cat, White Cat, is like that too. He often ignores me. It's a weird feeling, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Can we have a photo with MM "red in the face?" I think we missed that one.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a rude cat to be ignoring you

~ girl girl

FleasGang said...

ewwww! Those pesky cats. We hate the ones that roam around our neighborhood. They lay on our front porch and poo in our flower beds! We bark and bark and bark, but they don't listen to us either so we don't think your size is the problem. Cats are just dumb.

The FleasGang

MJ's doghouse said...

i think that cat needs a good talking to mary is bad enough that she is catpassing in your yard...but to ignore you as well...well i never!!!...

Mary-Margaret said...

Dear Anonymous - Trust me if I say I'm red in the face. But it's kinda hard to see. Will my tummy do? I get splotchy there, too, when I'm upset about something. Like hives, maybe? Do us pups get hives?