Monday, June 25, 2007

Mr. Marilyn and the Car Wash

Our car was pretty dirty what with going 4-wheeling and all. And it's black so it shows the dust like a chalk board. Anyway, we get to the car wash and go sit on one of the benches at a cement table. Just sitting, waiting, watching.....dee dee dum. And whoops....I stand up and point! "Look MOM..THERE'S OUR CAR!". She was really surprised that I knew which one belonged to us. But I did.

Then a man came over to talk to me. He told Mom he really liked small dogs, and then he said his wife was a groomer. Oh, I KNEW he smelled familiar. He was Miss Marilyn's husband, Wayne. We never actually met face to muzzle, but he knew who I was, too. He's everly so nice. I gave him lots of kisses and we visited while the car wash people polished our car.

Later in the day we went to Miss Cathleen's for my monthly belly rub and paw softening. She knows exactly what I like. I nap while she does stuff to Mom, and then she takes me on the most wonderful walk, just me and Miss Cathleen. Today we walked REALLY far, up the street, to the mailboxes, down the street. And I met some little boys and we visited for a bit.

After supper the cats came by so I spent some time by the back fence just chatting. You know how we are. Had to find out what's happening in the neighborhood.

It was a very good day. I love my life!



Pacco de Mongrel said...

wat a friendly dog u r...i bet u make every stranger luvs u

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh.. Mr. Marilyn sure sounds friendly... You chat with the neighbourhood cats... Must be nice to get the latest news on the block

~ girl girl