Monday, June 11, 2007

Funday Monday!

Boy, I shouldn't be so worried. Today was actually a GOOD day. First off, Jennifer comes in with a present for MEEEEE! Whoopee! Her mom, Mrs. Lillard, crocheted me my very own blankie in my most favorite colors - pink and purple. HOWEVER did she KNOW? Thank you SOOOOO much, Mrs. Lillard. It's BEEYOOOTIFULLL!

I loved it everly so much that even wanted my blankie to be in the reception area so Mom let me have it there. Jennifer is so nice to me. She even LISTENS to me when I say I have to go O-U-T (Unlike some people I could mention but I won't because I'm too polite.)

We worked a long day today. I started "hinting" to go home a bit after 5:00PM. I started TELLING Mom to GO HOME maybe about 6:00, and about 15 minutes later I took some drastic measures. I figure she listens to people who are clients and she can see them eye to eye. So I jumped up into the client chair and sat straight up and very politely told her to wrap it up. She kept saying "In a minute, Mary-Margaret!", and "Okay..okay..hang on!" and one time she even said "WILL YOU SHUSH UP?", but I figured I was at least getting some attention. So I kept "talking" to her until she said "Fine. You WIN, Mary-Margaret! Want to go home"?

Er...what is it about "rrr..arroo...arruff" that you don't understand? HMMMMMMM??)

Love, Mary-Margaret


Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh..u can do d begging post so well....

i will usually juz fall over...

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Mary-Magaret. That Blankie looks so comfy and you are so cute to be sitting straight up like that

~ girl girl

Loki said...

Hello Mary-Margaret.. Hmmm.. thanks for wishing me.. It's really a furry day.. haHa..


Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, you are so lucky to get to go to work iwth your mum! I would love to do that. I'm sure I'd brighten up everyone's day.

Oscar x