Friday, June 08, 2007

Freaky Friday!

Like...yeah? Sonia is gone to Mall of America in Minneapolis. She's got the heart of a professional shopper, I tell you. That's gonna be some walking, you know. But she practices every day for maybe 3 miles. She walks more than I do, the way....(ahem)...Mom? Remember we're supposed to exercise? Oh...shoot, she's glaring at me.

OK, next subject. We went to Office Depot on the way to work and saw Jaime. He's the nice man that helps us with printers and things. Sonia's printer kept giving her error messages so we were getting a new printer. It wouldn't load up properly. Then Jennifer got there and she took over. She called Brother and they said maybe it was defective. She took it back and got another. It didn't work either. Jennifer took the second one back and got our money back AND...ta daaaaa....!! Sonia's old printer is NOW working just fine. It's a computer thing. Mom thinks they're part of a terrorist plot.

Oh yeah...and I threw up really big right in the middle of the floor in the reception area. Mom cleaned it up. Considering the printer problem, this was just like taking a little break, she said. After it was cleaned up I fished the paper towels out of the trash and took them back, and put them right in the middle of the office. Well, when somebody tosses that much gunk out, you want to show it off. You know? Debbie-across-the-hall came in and asked if I was feeling poorly. Mom didn't know about the paper towels and was wondering how she knew? (hee hee) Maybe an hour later she saw what I did and scowled at me.

Then it was time for me to go see Miss Marilyn. Remember? My personal stylist? I get there and she says (rather rudely, I thought) "She's getting a lot bigger, isn't she"? Well, my goodness, that was NOT nice, but at least my mom said she didn't think so. Miss Marilyn gave me my bath, manicure and pawdicure, massage, and there were pups to play with all after noon, like Caesar (who was pretty attentive to me and got swatted for it). Also, I hadn't gotten bigger at all. I was all hair. Now I've got my new summer cut and I'm everly so happy. Even the ladies at the bank complimented me and let me sit on the counter back where their computers are. I was so happy and felt so good about myself that I didn't want to leave....until Mom mentioned "supper". That always works.

We took some pictures. I don't think anyone around here has the energy to post them tonight. Maybe tomorrow?

Have a great weekend.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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