Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Treasure, Mom's Trash!

I like to hunt. Sometimes I find stuff that looks or smells or tastes pretty good. Mom's getting used to me, generally when it comes to snails or buggies. But when I brought in a dried, dead bird with no eyes for her today and lay it very nicely at her feet, she shrieked. Then she said "Ugh...ick...ack....blegh!", and THEN she picked it up with a paper towel and put it in the trash. And then I got lectured.

"NO DEAD THINGS, Mary-Margaret!", and the rest of the speech sounded a bit like "blah blah blah", but I got the drift. AND she closed up my personal door for a while. Well at least it wasn't a ghost squirrel like Ivy found in HER breeze hole vents.

To my way of thinking, the bird wasn't feeling well at all and I thought maybe my mom could fix it. I'm not sure what SHE thought, but I got my mouth checked out and she made sure there was nothing in there that I could chew on.

Later she went outside with me to check for birds and nests and things like that. I tell YOUUU! Our back yard is full of good stuff, with new shipments coming in all the time.

Ta ta...



Ivy said...

hey hey mary margaret! i am sorry that your mom did not appreciate the cool treasure you found. i tell you, if you had brot that bird to me i wud haf been so happy to share it wif you!

FleasGang said...

MM, we had one of those no-eyed birds in our backyard this weekend! Maybe your trash-man put him there?

The FleasGang