Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Pressies for MEEEEEE

Auntie Sonia came back from her vacation and ... OHMYGAWSH ...there was a bag for MEEEE, with a present in it. She and Mom gave me the bag and I had the everly best time opening it. I even let my stuffed piggy help.
Whoopeeeeee. WOW. Just what I always WANTED. A plastic hanger. FOR MEEEE?
Oh, I played and played and then Mom said "Mary-Margaret? Don't you want to see what's INSIDE the bag"? Huh? I said?

And guess what!! WOO HOO! Tell me I am soooo well dressed. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I wore it all day, even to the dentist's office.

Yup. We went to the dentist again. This time I visited around a bit and then took a tiny nap on Mom's tummy while Doctor was fussing around in her mouth. He gave her a mirror to see what he was doing. Then when he left, I got to see. Mom is silly. She kept singing "I feel pretty....Oh so pretty" while I was checking myself out.

No surprises. I'm still the same old me. But I have to admit that my new hair-do is awfully complimentary to my cheekbones.

Lots of love to everyone and may you all get pressies from your family and friends, too.



Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Mary-Margaret. That's such a nice shirt. :)

~ girl girl

FleasGang said...

It's very, er, fetching. Plus, it will help you if you get lost. You belong to mama :-)

The FleasGang