Sunday, March 11, 2007


Not posting in my blog is only one of my problems. Mom's been so busy lately I don't even bother going to the door and saying "arf?" to go out. I walk over to her, stand up like a big girl and say "Wrrr??" and "Ouuuuw?". If that doesn't work, I start pawing her tummy. She goes "Ouch, stop that, Mary-Margaret!", but I tell you, I am sick and tired of this stuff.

She says things will get back to normal after next week. Our new house is supposed to settle on Thursday. Mom says things have gone way to smoothly and she's a bit concerned with how easy it's been. She thinks. So far! I'll update you later.

We're taking the computer so I should be able to dictate from our hotel room. I hope.

To all of you who have been griping about my lack of blog, please accept my sincere apologies. It's NOT MY FAULT!




Fu Fu said...

Hee Mary-Margaret, do come back with more picture of youself soon. :)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

I was NOT griping, I was only making a comment. Besides, my comment should make you know that you & your blog is missed & cared about. Love, hugs & wags, Aunt Shelly & gang

Bella said...

Mary Margaret - hang in there when the move is all over it's probably gonna be so much better - looking to hearing more tales about your life.