Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The importance of pre-natal care!

Not me...I am NOT having kids, but OHMYGAWSH!! Today I went for my health certificate so I could fly? And a little Maltese was in hard labor when she was brought in with a puppy foot sticking out of her but no more would come out. Dr. Bach took xrays and the momma's hip was broken and ..oh, things were a mess. The pup was really big and it turned out the momma had been pregnant for TWO AND ONE HALF MONTHS. So Dr. Bach did a Caesarian, and my mom just called to find out how they were.

GOOD NEWS!! Both the mom and the little BOY are just fine and already have gone home. YAYYYY for Dr. Bach. Still, though....how could anyone let their furbaby go like 2 weeks over due? If it was a human, it would be...hmmm....ok...wow...10 1/2 months. Like a 2 month old baby.

Just wanted to share. I made friends today. Trina got her "little surgery" this morning(a Shih Tzu), and I played with the cat, too. Oh yeah...and I got weighed. And I ...(ahem)...er....weight 8.2 pounds. I SWEAR....I do NOT snack between meals.

OH OH OH...and my loose tooth? Well, it was still in there wigglin' away, so Dr. Bach yanked it out and I wanted to take it home for the tooth fairy. Except when she took it back into the techs to put into a baggie, it got set on the counter and ...whoosh! Just disappeared. A bunch of people were hunting all over for it but it was kinda small and it probably stuck in the treads of somebody's sneaker or something. Darn! That tooth was worth a dollar, too. Do you think maybe I'll get a dollar anyway? Like maybe the tooth fairy KNOWS that it came out? Hmmmm?

Love and kisses -

Mary-Margaret "Flyin'" O'Brien

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Fu Fu said...

Hey Mary-Margaret, woh.. good thing the momma and baby doggie are ok. I hope you'll get that dollar, I think the tooth fairy will know.

~ fufu