Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One of my FAVORITE Things!!

Hi. It's MEEE...Mary-Margaret. Do you know that we flew out of San Diego yesterday and got to Philadelphia when it was still dark? AND I slept the whole way. And Mom was like a zombie. But she rented a car and went on a couple of "adventures" (pssst...that's what she calls it when she gets lost) so we got to explore some of the country side. We're staying down the road from "Port Clinton", a really cute little town on the Little Schuylkill River. And we had Dunkin' Donuts in Allentown for Breakfast (except that was East insted of West where we should have been).

Today we did our walk-through. Mom absolutely loves the house and so do I. Everything has gone so smoothly including the loan that SOMETHING had to make Mom a bit sad. My house only has THREE bedrooms, not four like the listing said. So Mom told her agent ..."Oh, hello? I bought a four bedroom house?", and showed her the listing AND the MLS sheet and they both said FOUR and even gave the dim...dim....dimENshuns (how big) all four of them were. Except there are THREE. So Mom's thinking about it for tonight. And we already knew the driveway was REEEEAAALLLY steep so that was ok, but now she says her "calves" hurt. She's just outta shape, in MY opinion.

You all will understand the next thing but I bet your Moms say "Eeeyeewww!". I went into the back yard and there was this pile of wet, moldy leaves. Oh, they smelled SOOOO bee-yoo-ti-ful!! So I sorta inched over that way and when no one was looking, I burrowed under them like a gopher, and then I rolled ...over and over and over. MMMMMMMM.....was THAT fun or what?? When Mom and her agent and the handyman looked over they started laughing. And then Mom said "OK, Mary-Margaret! Now SHAKE!". So I did, but I sure was beautiful smelling and looking for a while, with all those leaves on me.

Back to the house....! We spent the whole afternoon driving around the community. It's so quiet and peaceful and we could even hear ourselves breathe. And it was maybe 55-60 out - not like the 92 degrees we left yesterday. And there was still some snow on the hills, and it started to rain. I like rain.

We had Wendy's drive through for supper. I got a grilled chicken breast cut into tiny pieces, washed in hot water, with some kibbles mixed in. YUM. Mom got a double cheese burger, yogurt and milk. Yum. We didn't have lunch so she figured the calories were ok.

I miss you all and love you. Mom's not all that creative today. She blames it on "jet lag".

Love and kisses....Mary-Margaret

PS - I never meet any other Mary-Margarets and yesterday I met TWO. What a day!

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Auntie Allie said...

Hi MM! Can't wait to see pictures of the new house. How exciting for you! Wet leaves and all, LOL.

Have fun and have a safe trip home on Sat. (be sure to wear green)