Friday, March 16, 2007

When the Fat Chihuahua sings!

Snowy Roads can be dangerous.
OK...catch this. Second day of settlement: Mom's loan people said they weren't on the lender's "approved list". Of course, everyone at the title company lifted their eyebrows at this. So the lender's broker's agent was working hard all afternoon to fix that little problem. And we waited and waited. We're told it's fixed, ain't over until the fat chihuahua sings (or something like that). The Sellers begrudgingly gave us a few extra days, but if we're not done by next Wednesday, no house for us.
Schuylkill Haven in Spring?

We didn't leave the Title company until waaaay after 3:00 in the middle of that blinding snowstorm, AND Mom prayed all the way down the mountain that she wouldn't slide into a gully or a river. I was praying, too. She was lucky enough to get behind a roto rooter van and she drove in it's tire tracks. We slid only one time and ohmygawsh...that is SOOO scary. There were cars stuck in snowbanks, and police cars all over, and the people going UP the mountain weren't moving at all. And there were big trucks stuck everywhere. Mom could hardly see out her windshield there was so much snow and ice. Lucky for her she had her handicapped placard to use as a snow scraper. It does seem rather useful that way, I guess.
Lake Wynonah all frozen.

I did get to see my NEW doctor who wants me to call her "Doctor Mickey". I absolutely LOVE her. AND....ta daaa....I am actually only EIGHT POINT ZERO pounds after last night's Tomorrow we hope we'll be able to get back to Philadelphia and fly home without any surprises. Mom and I both think we've had enough surprises to last a long, long time.

PS: (hee hee) I went oh-you-tee and made "yellow snow" for the first time ever in my whole life. That was fun but, were MY feet cold. Mom picked me up and stuffed me into her big furry coat. And then we ordered fresh grilled (no seasoning, no nothing) chicken breast for my dinner, and it was absolutely PERFECT, except I do NOT eat potato chips. Uh--uh! Nope.

Hope you're all having good weather, good food and good fortune. Personally, I'd settle for two out of three at this point.

Love and kisses....


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Bella said...

You would have to be one of the cutest little cirls on dogs with blogs !!
Hope the settlement/move all goes smoothly & be sure to get a nice warm coat & booties for the snow !!
ps I've never seen snow, so haven't had the 'colourful' fun like you !
hee hee