Sunday, March 25, 2007

My FRIEND is back!

I really missed him a whole lot. The little grey tabby kitty? I was hoping everly so that he'd come back. Life isn't the same without friends, you know. So I was sitting by the back fence and he peeked over at me. I turned around and stood up on my tippy toes and....gosh! It was like old home week. We visited for quite some time until Mom called me in for supper. Even then it was hard to say goodbye.

After I finished up my dinner, I went back out for a bit. My friend was already gone. Maybe his mom called him in for supper, too. Still, I hoped. I waited at the bottom of the daisy bush hill just in case he could play some more, but nope. Not to be.

It's true what they say. You just don't appreciate your friends until they're gone.

Good night everyone. Pleasant dreams.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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