Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Jet Lag"??

Yesterday I woke up at 5:00AM, which would be 8:00AM Eastern time. Sure...it was dark out but my body clock said "Time to go OUT!". I listen to my body clock. So I hopped up on Mom, who was in a deeeeeep sleep and snoring ever so daintily. She mumbled something like "Oof...go back to sleep" at me. But NOPE! Don't theeeenk so! It's TIME to go OUT!

I jumped up and down on her a few times, then I started licking her chin, nose, eyeballs.....oh yeah. That did it. "Mmmmmf....ugh....ok ok ok, Mary-Margaret", she says. She grabs her robe and we go downstairs. The slider opens and I hippity-hop out the door. "Wheeeeee", I say. Wow...it's still dark and cold and the grass is all dewy. A few laps around the back yard and I take care of business, race back into the house, whip up the stairs and jump back under the covers. Back to sleep for MEEEE!

Meanwhile, Mom is fussing about with the coffeepot. The coffee starts dripping and I figure that's it for her. Not so! A couple of minutes later, despite the overwhelming smell of freshly ground Starbuck's "House Blend", she scoots down under the covers with me and we snooze for a couple more hours.

This time when we wake up it's about 7:15AM. I can tell time because of the digital clock on the dresser. I'm not so good at the dial kind. Anyway....she stares at me for a minute or so, then starts to laugh. "Hah", she says. "You've got JET LAG!!".

[.....and your point is? ]

Love, Mary-Margaret

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