Sunday, March 18, 2007


WE Am home. Every inch of Mom's body is screaming in pain. First Class check in and Express check in are non-existant at airport due to computer glitches and people still left over from Friday's flight cancellations. Thank goodness we got there at 1:00PM (early for a 5:55 flight). Lines of every type of passenger and one small dog (MEEEE!!!) snaking throughout the main check in lobby. Nobody will answer questions. Bottom line (in that fiasco) is that we stood in line for over three hours to get halfway through the line and took a break to run outside to luggage check in only to find that we could check in THERE (no line, by the way). Flight delayed two hours, and arrived home about 11:30PM.

The plus side? I have become the unofficial Good Will Ambassador of the Philadelphia International Airport. Not to brag or anything, but I de-stressed so many people from all over the world, including babies and small children. Amazing what a puppy kiss will do, isn't it? I was friendly and very professional the whole eight hours we spent there, never once complaining. There are several grown men who plan on going back to the wives and asking to get a Yorkshire Terrier. I was very selective in who got kissed, though. After six hours in the airport, I could pretty much guess what that person had for dinner by the way they smelled. People who had chicken for dinner were fussed over the most....naturally, oui?? Oh yeah...LOL...the lines were so long that people started calling for pizza delivery from their cell phones.

I didn't piddle from about 8:00AM (Pennsylvania time) until we arrived home. As soon as I found a patch of weeds in the middle of downtown San Diego I let loose, though. I slept on the plane almost the whole time, and still managed to charm the elderly gentleman next to Mom who wasn't crazy about dogs. His first comment was "She stinks!". Hmmph! When we parted ways, he said goodbye to me and told me how nice it was to meet me. He even shook my paw. I have to admit, though, by the time Mom lifted me out of my carrier, I was pretty ripe with doggie sweat!

All the way home, I kept thinking about how the forces that be seem to be against us. I'm not going to worry about a thing. What happens happens! Lake Wynonah is a beautiful place, and I everly so hope to be there someday.

Love and kisses,

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Sophie Brador said...

Perhaps you have a future with the airlines!