Friday, March 30, 2007

The Fluffiality Factor

The "fluffiality factor" is the way my hair looks depending on when I had a bath, whether or not I got cream rinse, if I had my hair blow dried, etc etc. Today, I think I'm almost a "ten". I mean, WOW!!!

I had a shower this morning. OK...granted I wasn't all that interested at first. I even tried to hide but Mom's on to me. She closes the bedroom door, then the bathroom door, then the closet IN the bathroom door. I'm cornered. Although I have been able to get the closet IN the bathroom door open by repeatedly pawing at it until it widens just a smidgen, and then I wriggle through and hide in the laundry. Oh, but...well, that didn't happen this morning. I was nailed on the spot.

Still....the warm water felt pretty good. I got soaped up twice and cream-rinsed nonse...meaning not at all. Then I got rolled into a nice dry towel and rub-a-dub-three-men-in-a-tubbed until I was pretty dry. Then Mom finished up HER shower.

After she was reasonably dry and had the towel secured around her (like I haven't seen it before, but....?) I got stood up on her vanity chair and she combed me out and blew dried me (blow dried me?) at the same time. Without cream rinse my hair sticks almost straight out from my little body. I look like a silver and grey little powder puff. I got several comments on my "fluffiality", too.

I'm not one of those real silky Yorkettes. I've got hair with attitude. It stands up and makes one take notice.

FYI...If I haven't had a shower for a while my hair gets sort of dull looking and it's weighed down with dunno. I guess bits and pieces of wherever I've been? Anyway, I don't look or smell nearly as fluffy clean as I do after a shower.

Good bye for now...I'm still at the office but it's almost time to go home.

Love ya...

Mary-Margaret "Fluffiality Plus" O'Brien


Bella said...

Hello Fluffy one,
Sounds really cute - would love to see pics.
My hair has a fluff factor too - we must compare and a big congratulations on the house - looks like there is heaps of room to play there.

Paws & Hugs

Sara said...

I for one, LOVE your fluff. I don't have so much and yours is always SO beautiful.

Your faithful admirer,

Sara: aka Pip