Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No singing for Fat Chihuahua!!

I think we're getting the house after all. So it ain't over yet. My mom's pretty determined, and she is working with people who are very professional and very determined, too. Now she is, anyway. Soooooo....I just hope my pile of leaves is still out back for me.

We've been pretty focused on this house thing and Mom's just too exhausted to type much. Even last night she was so sad I didn't DARE ask her to help me with my blog. And when Grandma called, Mom told her she was too depressed to talk.

But you know what? Ohhhhh...I didn't tell you!! I lost my St. Francis of Assisi medallion last Saturday? I thought maybe on the plane or in Pennsylvania, even. And we looked just everywhere for it. This morning when I woke Mom up? Eastern time when it was still dark out? When she put her hand down on top of our comforter it was RIGHT THERE! Right smack under her hand. Ever since then things have gotten everly so much better. I was praying to St. Francis for some help and he gave it to us. Don't ever under-estimate the power of a Yorkie on a mission and a Saint. We rock!!

Way to go, St. Francis. And, like Mom says, "Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!"

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Bella said...

Angel's wishes all around maybe it's the turning point to getting to those leaves.