Saturday, March 24, 2007


Yesterday me and Mom were out delivering a paper to someone when we saw this really cute pup on the end of a leash, just smiling like crazy, and wanting so much to show his human something nice. The human was an old man who kept yanking the leash really hard so that the poor pup would stop pulling. Then he swatted the pup, who only wanted to share. Not one nice word came out of that human's mouth. Nothing. And the poor pup, all he wanted to do was to make his human happy .

Mom just looked at me and we both said to each other with our eyes, "How sad!". Well, you know it really IS sad that humans forget that us pups have feelings, too. Maybe if we go there again today I'll see the pup and I can say "Hey...hang in there!". I just feel everly so sorry for him. I'm a lucky pup, but there sure are a lot of pups who would just give anything for a human to love. Really!

Hey...if you aren't really busy or anything, why not go by your local pet shelter and either adopt a pup or maybe donate some money or blankets to help take care of them? Hmmmm??

Love, Mary-Margaret

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