Friday, March 23, 2007

Work Work WORK!

That's all anyone seems to do. About 4:30 today Mom started yawning over and over, so much that Sonia told her to go home before she fell asleep. Sonia's really good about looking after Mom. I say the same thing to Mom and I just get my ears scratched. Which is't a bad thing, either, but I wish she'd pay more attention to what I'm saying. I DO have thoughts and feelings, too, you know.

Which brings me to another subject. That thing about poisoned pet foods. What numbskull lamebrained IDIOT would put rat poison in their wheat? And then SELL it to the pet food people? Well, what did those Chinese people THINK would happen, hmmmmm? Rat poison = dead rats, so if us pups eat it, then you get dead pups. Right?

I'm glad my mom doesn't listen to some of her friends who tease her about cooking for me. Yes, well, sort of. She buys fresh roast chicken, peels the skin off, chops it in little pieces and tosses in some kibbles. Then she adds a little hot water and mixes it all up. I tell YOUUUUU! It's absolutely heavenly. Mmmmmmm....I get hungry just thinking about it.

I think I'm going to remind her it's my suppertime. I just wanted her to type my blog for me but I've said enough. It's time for my dinner.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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