Monday, March 26, 2007

Me? Flirting?

That's what Mom says I'm doing.

This is what I do for another love interest of mine. Anthony Zarate. I've known him ever since I was a baby. He is everly so special to me. He has a human girlfriend named "Kitty". Every time I hear her name I do a "double take" and it makes Mom laugh.

Still, I do love him AND Kitty both. They will get married in three years. Anthony is in the Army and Kitty is going to college. I hope I will be invited to the wedding.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien


Sophie Brador said...

Maybe you'll get to be the flower dog!

Bella said...

Oh Mary-Margaret how could you be resisted with such charms - I must learn from you.
As 'the' special other girl in their life perhaps you could be ring bearer ???