Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Talk!

The very best part of my job as Ambassador for the Yorkie Nation is meeting and greeting people.

Today we were in line at Bank of America. Two humans in front of me was a baby, maybe about a year and a half old. He was getting pretty fussy and squirmy and was very much NOT happy about having to wait. His mom was flustered not knowing what to do when....ta daaaaaaaaaaa!! Mary-Margaret to the rescue.

I gave him my most winning smile and he smiled back, just a little. I could tell he was trying to decide if he should keep smiling or if he should fuss some more. So I winked at him. He smiled again. Then, we started visiting. It's a thing that pups and babies do with their eyes. We communicate without words. I'd look at him and smile, and he'd look back. We kept this up for a bit and then we'd both start laughing. Then he reached out for me, and I let him touch me and then I pulled back. A pup doesn't want to seem to eager on the first touch, you know.

We kept this up for a while and then his mom started talking to my mom, while me and the baby were doing our own thing. Mostly his mom wanted to know where I had my hair done because she had a poodle who was very particular about who gave it haircuts.

Finally, a window opened up and the baby left. Then one opened up for me and Mom. Everybody took care of business. On the way out, we walked over to our car with the baby and his mom and gave them one of Miss Marilyn's business cards. Maybe the poodle can hang out with me and Madison sometime. And I can play with the baby some more.

I just love being an Ambassador. I was born for public service.



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