Monday, May 17, 2010

News update for Grandpa!

Most of you guys know that my Grandpa is almost 90, doesn't hear well, and has absolutely no idea how to read an email. He has an icon on his desktop that links him to my blog. So lots of times I'm just telling him stuff but it's not really all that important to be like "Breaking News" or anything. It's just how my mom and I communicate with him.

Mom is still not feeling up to snuff. As a matter of fact, if "snuff" were feeling maybe just ok, she's way below "snuff". She stayed home from work today and I figured, "Oh boy! Snacks!". Nope. She's not hungry and she's no fun at all. She thought maybe she'd go to the office but nobody wanted her spreading her germs there so she stayed home all day.

This afternoon she realized that I had absolutely NO chicken, and only ONE helping of kibble left. She called my Aunt Margie and begged a favor off her. So Aunt Margie, being the kind person she is, got me a fresh chicken at Vons....and some tea, honey, orange juice and Robitussin DM for Mom. Oh yum (I said), and then I ate ALL my dinner just in case someone else had some ideas about that.

Mom groaned a bit, coughed some more, and then took a healthy swig (2 teaspoons) of her pink medicine. I hope it helps her some. Sounds to me like her cold moved into her chest and she's really feeling bad. Tomorrow, if she's not better, I'm going to absolutely insist that she go see her doctor. This is SO not like her. She's been immunized against just about everything except rabies and bordatella, so I don't know what she's got.

Back to my Aunt Margie. She held out the Vons bag at arms' length and told Mom to pay her later, that she didn't even want to come in the house. I sure hope I don't catch anything. And I hope Mom remembers to get me more kibble tomorrow.

Oh, yes.....and Lord? Please make Mom better really fast because I love her!! That's the most important thing of all.



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Lisa said...

Hope you're feeling better real soon.