Monday, May 24, 2010

Back in my groove...almost!

My leg is still a bit out of whack, but I'm using my good old Yorkie ingenuity to compensate for it. I have been able to get on the couch, on Mom's chair AND on her bed. What I do is this: I get a tiny bit of lift out of my right leg, and then I grab whatever I want to get on with my forearms (Yes, Yorkies have "arms"), and I use my arms to pull myself up. I know...I know. I'm not supposed to jump. Well, lifting myself up with my arms isn't exactly jumping, is it? You should see my biceps (and triceps and forceps)!! Yesssssssssssss!!

Next thing I did which both surprised my mom and an Albertson's shopper: I said my "Hellos", wagged my tail and smiled at the shopper, and then I said "ARF!!" really pretty loudly. Whoa...that sure surprised the ladies. At first Mom said "Mary-Margaret! That wasn't nice!", but then all of a sudden she realized that I was protecting her.

The other shopper was in a type of assistive device that is sort of like a scooter, but she puts one knee in it and pushes herself with her other leg...sort of like I would in my condition. I'd never seen anything like this before and I'm very aware of unusual things because of my Homeland Security studies. So I warned both Mom that there was a weird thing scooting along the floor and I also told the shopper to "Beware..Mary-Margaret on the lookout!".

Both Mom and the lady told me how good I was to watch out for my mom like that. Seriously, I think my mom was most surprised, though. She made some comment like "It's about time you did your job!". (Hmmmph! I ALWAYS do my job, woman!)

I am Mary-Margaret...hear me ROAR!!

Kisses and snuggles...

Mary-Margaret "Iron Dog" O'Brien

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