Sunday, May 16, 2010

Typing all by myself tonight!

This isn't easy without thumbs. And spelling isn't my strong point, being home schooled as I am. You don't know how much you need thumbs until you want to hit the space bar. (sigh)

Here's the thing, Grandpa. Mom's not feeling up to snuff. She thinks she caught a cold or something even though she does everything possible to avoid hacking, sneezing or sniffling people. She hates crowds and gets the heebie-jeebies if she even thinks about going to a Mall.

Maybe it's my fault. I kiss everyone. Maybe it's me that got a germ and passed it on to Mom. She found a sticky burr in her hair when she was showering this morning. "Good GOD, Mary-Margaret!", she said, as she plucked it out and washed it down the drain. Then she coughed some more and lifted her eyebrow at me.

We went to work and did billing. It's something we HAVE to do so we can get paid and then we can pay people, so they can pay people. You know how it is, right? It only took about 4 hours which is pretty good time, actually.

So now she's telling me that I'm so good at doing my own typing that I can handle it from now on. Hello? I've been at this for HOURS already, and have said really nothing of great importance.

Oh...except that Hashi, my sweet boyfriend, wrote me and put my heart at ease. He is totally committed to me and said I needn't worry. We can't figure out why our Commanding Officer, Col. Minnie Mouse, has the idea that he belongs to her. Maybe she's getting on in years and has him confused with someone else? Hmmmmm....maybe that's it. My sweet Hashimoomoo would NEVER step out on me. Nope. He's my man.

It's supper time. I have to go now. I love you always and forever, Grandpa and Hashi. My two main men, aside from my Uncle Rudy who I also love with all my heart.

OK...bye for now. can abbreviate that I guess as "BBL" or "BFN" or....

Aaaaack! G'night!


PS: My Auntie C has a new baby named "Levi". He's a white and grey kitten, maybe 13 weeks old, and he has a pink nose and pink feet (on the bottom, I mean). I can't WAIT to meet him in person. I just LOVE babies.

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