Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Pup-date" to Diary:

Dear Diary - Sorry for going so long without writing in you. Mom said I needed to do an update, but I told her I'd rather do a "PUP-date". (Yorkie humor here)

Last Saturday we drove over the hill to visit my Uncle Rudy and his family. That would be my cousins Cailin and Clancy and my mom's daughter, Colleen. Clancy was pitching for his baseball team, the Yankees, and we had to cheer. He's awesome. The "Yankees" won the "Dodgers" 11 to 5. It was very exciting and I sat on the bleachers or on Mom's lap. Yayyyy!!! Go, Clancy!

(Doesn't he look "pro"??)

Then we went for pizza. Mom didn't take my little wheelie-cart with her so I had to sit on the floor under the table. Ew. The floor is the FLOOR!! Not my choice at first. Then I found some little scraplets of food which made up for my mortification. I sat very nicely and didn't fuss or anything. You'd have thought that maybe someone would have given me some pizza or pepperoni, right? Wrong! "It's not good for you", I'm told. "Phooey!", I say back and pout just a little.

Back at Colleen's we listened to Clancy play "Hallelujah" on the piano. He's excellent at that, too. AND...guess what he wants to be someday? A doctor! And it's not because it's a good job for the money, but because he wants to help people. He's a very good human being with a very good heart.

Cailin and her friend, Gianna, went with us to the game but they went hiking. She's very good about checking back with us, and she takes her cell phone with her all the time. She absolutely loves to take pictures and she's very artistic. I'll ask her if we can post some of her work here, but Mom says I can't do it without her permission.

It got dark faster than we thought it would so we spent the night at Colleen's. Clancy was at a sleep-over at his friend's house so we got his bed. Mmmmmm....very comfortable. I didn't want to get up, actually.

The only thing that I'm not happy about is getting carsick on the way to Uncle Rudy's. Nobody noticed. I barfed very quietly, but if "somebody" were paying attention like they should have they'd have noticed I was a bit green. There are a lot of twisty turns on the Ortega Highway. Anyway, when we got to Uncle Rudy's house, Colleen noticed my feet were wet a little bit. Mostly I missed my car seat and got the biggest part of the yucky mess on the passenger seat of our car. Mom cleaned it up right away, but when we got back into the car to go home her nose got all wrinkly and she said "Eeyeww..puppy barf!". Well? What do you want me to do about it, huh?

When we got home she actually cleaned out her car of all the receipts and trash that accumulates there. She got some Clorox non-bleach spray cleaner and scrubbed the seats. Then we went to the market for some spray odor eliminator, left the windows and sun-roof open all night and in the morning it was back to normal, pretty much.

Maybe the next time I tell her I'm feeling a little sick she'll pull over? Hmmmmm??

That's it for the weekend.

Catch you later...



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