Saturday, May 15, 2010

Standing by my man.....

Please comment on MY BOYFRIEND's photo. The most comments wins a prize (I think). Still....I am so in LOVE with him that I want everybody to see him. Ahhhhh, be still my heart. Vote for HASHIMOTO . <-- (left click to see my guy and comment/vote for him)

Colonel Minnie Mouse (of the Yorkie Brigade) has been flirting with MY man, too. Well, I don't stand for that. Nope! And I told her so, despite her being my superior in the service. We've fought shoulder to shoulder in many battles, but this time it's personal.

Hashi and I have been engaged for...hmmmm...I guess it's about two years now. Ever since we first met at a truck stop in Mira Loma. It was LOVE at first sight! Oh my Hashi....I will fight for you whenever and wherever I must. I just never expected my commanding officer to be the one I had to draw my claws on. I wonder how they do this in the human troops overseas?

To Hashimoomoo, my heart - I love you always and forever and will be true to you no matter what, I swear. It's not easy for you being a long distance trucker, what with all those cheesy chesty Chihuahuas wagging their behinds for you at every truck stop. And you do live in New Jersey while I'm here in California, but thanks to the internet we stay in touch. Some day, we'll be together again. Maybe in June?

Kisses to my sweet Hashi....


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Connie said...

Mary-Margaret my love...I only have eyes for you....It may not be June but it will be this summer....until we meet again my undying love is going to you!!!