Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Knee is Out!

Sheesh! Just when you think everything that can happen has, something else surprises us.

My left knee was just fine when I was little, until my groomer who was sort of new at grooming, twisted my leg. Maybe that just exacerbated (Mom told me how to spell it) an existing problem, maybe not. But ever since then sometimes I have a hitch to my step, sort of like Walter Brennan did on "The Real McCoys". Anyway, maybe I jumped off the bed on it and twisted it. I don't remember exactly what happened but that was the day before yesterday, and I can't walk on it or straighten it out or put any weight on it.

If it's not better by this weekend, we'll get my leg x-rayed and see what the doctor has to say. If I have to have it repaired surgically it'll cost about $3000.00. Seems a lot for such a tiny knee, doesn't it? Mom tells me not to worry, though. She says that we'll find a way somehow.

Meanwhile, if I want up on the couch or the bed, I sit there and make a squeaking sound, which translates to "Please help me?", and she comes over and picks me up to put me wherever I want to be. And if I want down, even though I can do this myself, she says that I have to ask for help, too. No jumping or climbing stairs or anything like that. Not fun at all.

Mom's still sick...Shannon's getting sick. Everybody's got a problem around here. We have to keep the business going, though. So Shannon is working this morning and Mom and me will go in this afternoon for a while. Clients first, is my motto. Always "Clients first!".

Things will be ok, though. They always are.

Bye for now...


Mary-Margaret "Gimpy Girl" O'Brien

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Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your knee and your mom being sick and all. You're right though, everything will work out an be ok. We'll keep you in our prayers.