Friday, May 21, 2010

I can do it MYSELF!

Ever since that little problem with my left knee my mom is totally freaking about me jumping or doing anything. If I want to get on the couch or the bed, I crouch on the floor and count "an' a' a two..." and then I sigh. Mom says "Mary-Margaret! You are NOT allowed to jump!", and she comes over and says "Do you want some help?". I roll my eyes and say, "Not really, thank you. I can do it myself!", but she just ignores me and I get a lift up.

Last night she was all cozy in her big leather chair and all engrossed in something on TV. It took a few tries but I actually made it up on the couch ALL BY MYSELF. Wow...was she surprised. I'm not all better, and I'm still pretty stingy about how much I use my left leg, but I'm getting there.

Yorkies are very determined pups.

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS: Mom's still feeling lousy, but at least her fever is down some. She'll give it this weekend and then maybe go see the doctor on Monday if she's not over this gunk.

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