Thursday, May 06, 2010

My new neighbor, Mia

Hector from next door FINALLY brought his new pup over to meet me. She has potential, but she's just a little kid. "Play..? Play..? Play...?" is the ONLY word she knows so far. Aaaaaaack. I've never heard anyone bark so loud for so long without stopping. I tried very hard to be polite. Here's Hector trying to get me and Mia introduced.

My ball! Hector found MY soccer ball. Not that I play with it all that much. There's still not ONE tooth mark on it, but it's MINE! It rolled under Mom's desk and I figured that was my signal to follow it. "Bark...bark...bark...!", without a rest. I need an aspirin. I think you can tell by the look on my face that I'm truly at the end of my patience. I thought I was going to have a meltdown.

Shortly thereafter, I gave little Miss Mia her first lesson in Etiquette. A little trick I learned when I taught at Puppy School. Patience....patience....and then, ever so slowly, curl upper lip and snap! "Rrrr..rrrr...ruff!", I said, and she got pretty much ok after that. Only thing was her dad thought she might have to go to the powder room, so they left. I'm sure we'll be friends someday. She's Zeus' little sister (rest his soul). Hector gave us a whole bunch of pictures of Zeus and me when I was a baby (before Zeus accidently stepped on me and I learned to keep my distance). I'll show you the pictures tomorrow.

This afternoon we went to Miss Cathleen's for my monthly visit. Mom gets a pedicure and I get mango coconut smelling lotion applied to my stomach, paws and feet. Oh, it makes me feel so beautiful. Then, Miss Cathleen takes me for a private walk wherever I want to go while Mom's toes dry. I just LOVE Miss Cathleen.

On the way home we saw a really low flying, slow flying plane. Mom said it looked like and old DC-3 from back in the 40's or 50's. "That's nice", I said, trying to be polite. Then when we started up our hill, here comes another one. Hey! Those really ARE slow. It's almost like they are standing still in the air. We had time to get out our Droid and adjust it for a close up. Kewl picture, huh?

Tomorrow is Friday. I am so looking forward to the weekend. Just me and Mom, I guess. I'll try to plan something special for us to celebrate Mother's Day. Maybe I can get her to order us a celebratory dinner for pick up from one of her favorite restaurants. I'll have to use my powers of concentration. I'd better start now, too. Now where do they have Maine lobster.........?

Love to all...


PS: I forgot to mention that Mom's water bottle which was totally full when she put it IN her purse was almost empty when she took it out. Wallet, checkbooks, Droid, identification, pens, external hard water. She fished the stuff out, dried it as best she could, and then poured her purse out in the parking lot. She didn't use any bad words, either, which makes me very proud of her.

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