Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dan Dugmore, Carole King and James Taylor

Woo hoo! My VERY good friend, MaryElizabeth Dugmore, has the excellent opportunity to get good seats and maybe even a back stage pass at the Carole King and James Taylor concert tonight in Nashville. I guess it helps a little to be married to a former member of the band, Dan Dugmore , ya think?

MaryElizabeth is one of God's angels here on earth. She runs the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue in Chapmansboro, TN. If it weren't for MaryElizabeth or YTNR a lot of pups wouldn't get the medical treatment they need to live a full life, or help in finding their "forever homes".


God bless MaryElizabeth and her pup, Esperansa of Tapyoca. Esperansa has had some health problems lately and the Yorkie Prayer Circle has been in full swing for the past few days praying that Esperansa and MaryElizabeth will have many more memories to make together. So far, Yorkie Prayers are working and Esperansa is bouncing back like a young pup. We know God does everything according to his plan, but we're glad that listening to Yorkie Prayers is a part of his plan, too.

Oh yes...and God bless Nashville, TN. The people suffered a great flood when the banks of the Cumberland River crested back on May 4, 2010 and caused possibly the greatest natural disaster (aside from hurricanes) in American history. Lots of people don't know about it because the people of Nashville didn't make a fuss, or demand help from the Government, or whine about their losses. They all pitched in and took care of their own without a whimper. Take a look at The 2010 Flood of Nashville, TN .

It's good to be a Yorkie!

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS: I got up on the couch again today all by myself. I don' need no stinkin' help!!


Lisa said...

Hello there,
My husband & I are going to the James Taylor & Carole King concert in Detroit this Thursday. Soooo excited! Have a great week you two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary-Margaret,
My name is Abby and Dr.Dan is my Dad! You have such a pretty smile, isn't my Dad so nice? He said you were a very good patient! I love having my teeth cleaned too! Maybe my Mom can teach me to smile like you! I am a smooth coat Jack Russell Terrier and my favorite thing to do is chase rabbits and squirrels! WHat is your favorite thing to do? This is so fun to blog, my Mom says she's going to set up my very own blog too!! I'll keep checking in to see what you're up to! Keep smiling!!
Abby :)