Wednesday, February 03, 2010

R.I.P. Scarlett and Mollie

What a sad week this has been. My very good friend Scarlett was suddenly taken ill on a couple of days ago and she passed on to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She was a young, vibrant Yorkette, not quite 9 years old, with her whole future ahead of her. She was active with her family and friends, and recently attended the YTNR Yorkie Ball in Tennessee with her mom, Connie, and some of our other friends. She is survived by her brothers Rhett and Hashimoto, and her parents, John and Connie Lamanteer.

Mollie was a senior pup, 17 years old, but it was still everly so hard to say goodbye to her. Her mom is my fashion designer, Yvonne Tolley, and my heart is grieving with Yvonne and her family today.

Mollie Tolley

Scarlett Lamanteer

Please pray with me that Scarlett and Mollie are playing together at the Rainbow Bridge, and also pray that their families get through this terribly sad time in their lives.

Thank you.



PS - I might add that Hashi (Scarlett's brother) is also my boyfriend but we decided to keep it casual since he lives almost 3000 miles away. Still.....every so often, the steam iron will hiss. Hashi knows what I mean.


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. We'll keep everyone in our prayers.
Lisa & Ozzie

little farmer said...

God's speed Ms. Millie and Ms. Scarlett. You were loved by us all and will be missed. (((((hugs)))) to Yvonne, Jone and Connie. Please know we, your online family are thinking of you and here for you in this difficult time.


Shadow Dancer said...

Cousin MM,you are the best at this..
You always know what to say and how to say it..
Me and moms hearts hearts are just breaking for Auntie Connie and Uncle John and for Auntie Yvonne..
We pray that their pain will heal and the good time's will take over..
We love you and Auntie Michele..
Cousin Shadow and Auntie Dee

Yvonne Tolley said...

Bless your heart MM and thank you so much

Sugar Princess & Baby Sweet Pea said...

Thank you MM for writing these beautiful obituaries for our dear friends Mollie and Scarlett.

Auntie Yvonne, Auntie Connie and Uncle John, There are no words that will ease your pain right now. We hope that in a few days your beautiful memories of these precious girls will bring you comfort. They are your Yorkie Guardian Angels, while they wait for you at the Bridge. We hold you close in our prayers that you will be comforted.

God Speed Miss Mollie Tolley and Miss Scarlett Lamanteer. You will be sorely missed by your loving families and all your many friends.

Yorkie and Lhasa Comfort Prayers
The Heartbreaker Trio and Mommy too.