Saturday, February 06, 2010

Nazi Weapon of Mass Destruction? Huh?

Here's some information about my GrandPapa's friend and colleague, Arnold Kramish. Click on his name, Grandpapa. He's quite a prolific writer. On that page there's a whole list of his works.

One book really has Mom intrigued. It's called "The Griffin - Paul Rosbaud and the Nazi Atomic Bomb That Never Was" . This is the LA Times review from back in 1987. Wow! Now why would the USA and UK make up something like the Nazis having an atomic bomb if they didn't? Is this the same as having "weapons of mass destruction" only 60 years earlier during World War II?? Is this a trend? How come we never heard about it before?

Sorry, readers. Now I'm getting "pawlitical". I only wanted to show Grandpa where he could learn about what his old friend is up to these days. Just doing another "Pup-lic" service announcement.



Pssst? Mom? Can we get that book? Can we? Can we?

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