Saturday, February 06, 2010


As you know already one of my passions is charity work. This month, in particular, it's the YORKSHIRE TERRIER NATIONAL RESCUE in Chapmansboro, Tennessee.

As Lt. Chaplain of the Yorkie Brigade, I encourage my fellow troops to keep their spirits high and their eyes on our goal.

The "tromp tromp tromp" of tiny feet marching in cadence. Hut-two-three-arf! Singing as we march...

"We are the YORKIES...the MIGHTY FIGHTY YORKIES!!...We are the favorites...We will win the race!"

The gap is closing and we are overtaking the opposition. Today we are only 1.15% behind the Golden Retrievers.

As Colonel Mouse (affectionately called "Minnie" by her close friends) once said "We WILL Prevail!" (although this statement has erroneously been attributed to other pawlitical figures like Bush, Roosevelt and so on). It was at the Battle of York by Lake Ontario back in April of 1813 that we first heard this battle cry. The Americans won THIS battle only because the Golden's in the Glengarry Light Infantry got lost in the woods while on tree-sniffing duty. Canada claims to have won the War of 1812 and (I'm told) on paper it's hard to tell WHO really won. But give a few puppies some paper on the floor and it's hard to tell one puddle from another, too. Did you know York is now called Toronto? But I digress......

(drum roll...bugles....)


PLEASE VOTE!!! <---- click on link, enter "Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue" in "TN" (for Tennessee).

Thank you.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain
Yorkie Brigade

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