Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear GrandPapa.....

Thank you so much for taking us to dinner last night. It got pretty interesting about the time you started stomping on Mom's feet thinking they were your shoes that you had taken off. Everybody was so very nice to try to help find your shoes. Especially that older lady that got all the way down on the floor under the table to point your toes to the correct shoes. And that little girl from the booth behind us was all ready to dive under there, too.

We had quite a crowd of really helpful people, didn't we? I just love people and I guess you do, too. You are such a kind, patient person. I just want to say that I'm everly so proud to have you as my GrandPapa. I am also glad that nobody expects me to wear shoes.

Lovingly yours,

Your Grand-Dog,



Ozzie said...

Dear Mary Margaret,
You are so fortunate to have your Grandpapa still and to have him so well taken care of by such wonderful people. My Gramma had to be at a place to make sure she was safe and well taken care of and they were so kind and caring to her too. My mom used to take us (I have a sister who is a Brittany Spaniel) to Gramma's Retirement home and everybody just loved to see us and we got snuggles too!
Enjoy your visits!

Sandra said...

Hello Pretty Mary-Margaret,

You're such a lovely pooch :)

So happy that you still have your grandpa to share wonderful moments with you :) Cheers!