Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Gardener Cometh!!

On Monday Mr. Brewster (our gardener) finished up the fertilizer, topsoil and grass seed. Then he adjusted the sprinkler to go off about 10 minutes before I wake up and go out to take care of my morning "business". kind of guy. Well, just think about it: Fertilizer + dirt + water = a puppy's delight!

Yeah....see? It's not MY fault my "roommate" has a lot of white space on her quilt. Nope. And I DO have to dry my feet someplace, right?

Wanna make somethin' out of it? Huh? Do ya??


PS: Oh yes...and I wanted to tell you about my purpose here on earth. I am a messenger of God and he has given me the power to know who needs my services the most. Today, we went to get Mom's hair cut. Delaney, the girl up front, was acting all smiley and normal, but I knew something was hurting her heart. I smiled at her...I wagged my tail really enthusiastically, so much that I almost fell out of my car seat...and I reached for her. She brought me water. Yes was delicious water. I'd take a sip, and then I'd kiss her hand. She started to soften up a bit. I got petted...but I needed to do something more for her. Mom told her she could hold me if she wanted to. I got picked up and I snuggled her, and loved on her and gave her as many puppy kisses as I could without getting her all yucky.

You know what? I was right. Her family had to send their dog to the Rainbow Bridge this morning, and she was really sad inside. You see, us pups KNOW this stuff. Nobody has to tell us. That's what we're here for. To give you unconditional love even when you don't know you need it. I always feel really good when I get to love on someone that needs me. Yup! I do!

PPS: Note: Devil + Angel = MEEEEEEEEE!!!!


elaine said...

Two deeds in one day - one very good one and one not so good, M-M.
We love you anyway for the not so good deed and love you lots for the good one.
auntie elaine, abbey mia, harper and piper

Lacy said...

w00fs, heehee our yard is kinda muddy and when me jumps in the car, me gots dirty feets..will take them a week to clean the seats..and yes us pups know when hooomans hurt..that was nice of u to help the lady..

b safe,