Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rats & Mice!!

Humans are everly so dependent on technology. My mom was in a MAJOR funk today. Our TimeWarner high-speed super-duper internet connect went "splat". The repairman was late. The TV went out and so did the phone, leaving her nothing but a bright purple Razr phone which is falling apart, but works if you stand really close to the back door and hold it together really tight.

The good news is the house got vacuumed, some laundry got done, some dusting...the kitchen got cleaned. And then....? She is bored to death and starts to read her "Son of a Witch" book that she keeps forgetting about.

Repairman finally gets here and wants to know if I will jump on him. He says it's against his company policy. Mom says "No" and I say "Yes" at the same time. We compromise. I get to jump twice and then I'm only allowed to sniff his shoes. Nothing of interest there. No dogs or cats at his house. So I get bored, too.

We watched a bit of "Maury" for the brief time the TV worked. Then we watched some "I Love Lucy" until the TV gave out again.

Here's the thing, according to the Repairman: Something is wrong with the cable from the street to the house. He tried to "pull it through" but it got hung up and now we have a work crew showing in up five to ten days. Lucky for us, though, that the Repairman managed to fix us up temporarily so we could check our email.

How would we EVER live without email, phones and television again? I don't think so. Nope!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

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