Sunday, February 14, 2010

SHAME on some PEOPLE!!

Mom went out to breakfast with one of her friends this morning. While they were at the restaurant, Margie's daughter Becky and grand-daughter Abby dropped by. They were on their way to sell Girl Scout cookies at Ralph's. Becky said there was a little brown dog locked into a car with no windows rolled down. It's a warm day today, maybe in the 70's. (NOTE - Dog in picture is not same as little brown dog in car)

Ashley, our server, told the Manager who called Animal Control. She said that Animal Control will take the doggie and the people will have to pay a fine to get it back. When Mom and Margie left, the doggie was still in the car and it was getting hotter. Margie went back into the restaurant and found the owners of the Green Mitsubishi. They said they were just leaving and pretty much ignored Margie, who was absolutely LIVID by then.

Mom sat in the parking lot next to the car and got a bottle of water out of a case she keeps in the back of her car. Maybe 20 minutes later when the stoopid humans still didn't come out she wrote a note reminding them to leave windows open and please consider their dog's comfort. She was going to leave it, but decided instead to hand it to them personally.

Mom walked back into the restaurant and found the people (who by this time were getting a little uncomfortable ...but who cares, huh? Their DOG was uncomfortable, too!!). The man said "We already have water in the car", and gave the water back to Mom. She said "Are you sure you don't want this? It's cool...and your poor doggie is getting pretty hot!". "No", said the man and he grinned like Joe Biden when cornered with a direct question.

Mom went back to the parking lot and the teenage boy who was with the stoopid humans came out and rescued the pup. Well, good gosh!! They're all lucky Mom, Margie and the other ladies didn't bash in the window....which they would have pretty quick, too! A small crowd was gathering...the emotions were tense. Nobody was going to let that poor dog suffer much longer.

What's the matter with stoopid people who get pets and treat them like" stuffies", huh? We have feelings...we need to have fresh air, water and food and love and.....people who CARE about us.

Doggies of the world....UNITE!! Rally the troops! Stage a "sit in"!! I think we need to march in front of the offending human's houses with our parents and carry big signs that say "UNFAIR!!" and "P.O.U.T." (that's "Pups Opposed to Unfair Treatment").

Protest and leave your "detritus*" on their lawns to remind them of our political pawsition in this matter.

Militantly yours,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

*PS - Mom learned a new word a couple of days ago and was looking for a place to use it in a sentence. Personally, I would have just said "poop", but that's me.

Oh yeah...LOL....and "she who shall not be named" bought a box of Lemonade Shortbread Girl Scout cookies. She KNOWS how I feel about that since we're both trying to lose weight. But who can resist those Girl Scout cookies, hmmmmm???

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Lisa said...

Hello Mary Margaret and your Mom,
I think those pet owners who do things like that should have the same thing done to them to see how they like it. The other day I saw a pickkup truck with a german shepard in the back standing on top the tool box going down a very busy 4 lane road with a speed limit of 50 and also has stop lights. He could easily have fallen or jumped off and been killed or hurt really bad. Thank goodness that little pup had good people looking out for him that day. I just hope those people were shamed enough not to do that again.
Sorry to go on and on, but I too get sooooo upset about this subject.
Have a great week you two!