Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday traffic

When I was a baby I absolutely HATED stopping in traffic. I'd "talk" and make all kinds of noise until we'd start moving again. Mom would say "It's a RED light, Mary-Margaret!", as if that explained it all. Then she'd point and say "Now it's GREEN...we can GO!". Uh huh. Sure. They all look the same to me, you know.

Now that I'm grown up I'm used to these inconveniences, and I take advantage of our "stop" time to check out the people in the cars next to me, sometimes striking up a conversation until the light changes. Other times, I make a note of the landmarks just in case I end up walking home by myself.

Today when we left the office there were absolutely TONS of fire engines going down our street and the street on the other side of the creek. It sounded like a really BIG problem was happening, but we don't know what. One of the fire engines stopped on the bridge that goes over the creek, which is now pretty full of water. We're hoping that nobody fell in.

That's it from your reporter on the ground in Temecula, CA

Signing off, this is Mary-Margaret O'Brien!

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Lisa said...

You are such a cutie Mary-Margaret.
Have a great day!