Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday the 21st of February

My goodness, has it been a whole six days since I wrote in my diary? My apologies to my readers. I'm getting older, so time goes faster.

That's true, you know. When you're a human child and Christmas is two weeks away, doesn't that seem like ages and ages? But when you're all grown up and Christmas is two weeks away, you get all hurried and stressed and say you just don't have time...or not enough time. Mom calls it "Flying faster toward the sun!". Too "zen" for me.

Whatever...I'm just a dog. I live maybe 12-15 years, give or take a few. I have a pretty good grasp on what matters in life so I don't stress about much. Oh, maybe if it's time to brush my teeth (which I absolutely HATE), or take a bath or if supper is late being laid down, of if there's a cat in my back yard....THEN I stress. FYI, I had a bath AND a teeth brushing today, too, and I was just fine.

I think maybe I'm teaching my mom a few things about life. Yesterday she finally cleaned out her sock drawer. She tossed most of the socks, too, especially beige and olive drab ones. They weren't even hers. They belonged to Papa John, and he's been gone about 20 years now. But they were in "good as new" shape and know my mom. She even lined the drawer in a cheery paper with pastel baby hands and feet on it, probably left over from some baby shower gift that she'd finished wrapping years ago. It worked and it makes her happy.

We worked on posting an album of "Family Favorites" to her Facebook page. Now that was fun AND time consuming. She still has about 14 years of pictures to sort through that she took prior to getting a digital camera in 2004. That shouldn't be too bad, though. She has them all in a flowered box organized by date. We spend a lot of time remembering good times and smiling. (NOTE: I don't know anybody that makes a habit of taking pictures during bad times, do you?)

So...that's it for today. We mostly hung out doing piddly stuff. It's been a good weekend.

PS - We went to Von's instead of Albertson's. Now THEY know how to treat a steady customer. Blanca in the Deli department went straight for the thin sliced Prima Taglia Prime Rib @ $10.49 a pound for MY treat. YUM!! Mom got samples, too, (which I made her share) and she agreed with me so much that she bought some for lunches.

Love you all.......


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Anonymous said...

So much to comment on! Most important is that Von's and Ralph's are both much nicer than Albertson's (why do you suppose that they all have 's?)

So glad that you cleaned out "stuff." I hope you used (or is it .net?) to give it away. You will meet your neighbors and have a great time giving and getting things.

Scan your photos in and post them; there's so much you can do with them!