Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey, Batter..batter...batter...Bat!

What is brown, hangs upside down, and has ears and a tail? No, it is NOT a donkey bungee jumping off the Golden Gate bridge.

Hint - Mom thought it was a giant moth. Guess again?

I knew it all the time. I'm the big game hunter in my office building. I can spot lizards from 30 paces. We have a BAT sleeping over the doorway in our hall. Poor Mom! She cringed and and speed-walked all the way to the other end of the hall to get out her cell phone camera. Then, she tippy-toed all the way back to take a picture. She's everly so considerate. You think maybe she just wanted our little bat to have an uninterrupted nap?

My guess would be she didn't want it to wake up and bare it's little fangs at her. I told her it's just like Mickey Mouse playing Dracula, but she's not buying that. I would protect her. Yup! I'd do an Ozzie Osborne for her. "Rowww...rrrr!!" I'm up on my rabies and all that.

So...after taking a couple of (shhhh!) pictures, we left quietly, opening the door everly so slowly so as not to rattle our resident bat from Dreamland. I sang (silently, of cours) "Fangs....for the memories....", and laughed all the way down the elevator to the parking lot.



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