Friday, February 12, 2010

At Miss Cathleen's Place...Bellissima!!

This is me on my chair by the front door. I've already had a couple of walks, played in the newly sprouted clover, and checked outside for any new smells. Miss Cathleen (Mom's manicurist) ALWAYS knows what I like. And for this reason ONLY, I absolutely refused to potty before we got to her shop. I wanted to save my stuff for Miss Cathleen.
The first minute after we got there I was at the door, making "wwwrrrufff" noises and making it known that it was time for me to go. Miss Cathleen thought I was very cute and thoughtful for waiting for her to take me out. Mom just shot me a look that said ....well, I guess that she admired me for my intelligence and devotion? Something like that, I'm sure.

And here's me sitting on the step on the side of the foot spa, waiting for the ladies to finish up. It's just my size and this is where I lie down after my belly rubs. Miss Cathleen also has a very special bowl just for my water. It's a thing just between Cathleen and meeeeee! Unfortunately, today my mom poured HER water into it and I refused to drink. I think next time she'll remember that I do not like ice water from a bottle. I prefer room temperature tap water.
You probably know already how much Miss Cathleen and I love each other. We've been the bestest of friends ever since I was nine weeks old. Good friends and family who love you are the everly most precious things in the whole world.
I'm blessed.
Love, Mary-Margaret

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